At M2 Tiles, we aim to offer customers a genuine alternative to the many larger, impersonal tile shops in Perth. We appreciate the loyalty shown by our customers and strive to provide everyone who walks into our shop with the best range of quality tiles, the highest level of personalised service and good, old-fashioned advice. Our five, key values are simple, have remained unchanged since our inception and have held us in good stead over our 30-year history:

Quality Range

Our customers include architects, interior designers, tilers and home owners. Many are renovating traditional, period properties whilst others are designing or building stunning, contemporary homes. Often our customers are looking for speciality products that perfectly pair with their interior schemes and add elements of authenticity, texture, colour or interest. We lovingly curate our collection to include a huge range of decorative and feature tiles, natural stone products, classic and timeless designs as well as on-trend tiles to ensure our customers can create tiling solutions that are uniquely theirs.

Personalised Service

Whether you’re looking for decorative, encaustic tiles for a Victorian veranda, hand-crafted Moroccan tiles for a kitchen splashback or great value concrete-look tiles for a rental renovation, we make it our business to deliver you the best solution. We take the time to understand your space, style and budget before helping pull together a variety of tile combinations that bring your vision to life.

Flexible Approach

When selecting tiles, we understand that some people know exactly what they’re after whereas others are not sure where to start. We take the time to understand the ambience you’re trying to create and know the right questions to ask to help fine-tune your preferences. We help our customers pull together combinations that may include a feature tile they’ve fallen in love with, as well as less expensive, complementary tiles to deliver the outcome they want, without blowing their budget. We’re also happy for our customers to take samples home to assess how their selections will work in the intended space.

Friendly People

Our customers are the lifeblood of M2 Tiles so, when you walk into our shop, you’ll always be met with friendly, courteous and respectful service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our showroom, we’re more than happy to scour our vast network of suppliers for the right solution for you.

Expert Advice

With 30 years in the industry, as well as Peter’s prior experience as a tiler, we’re always happy to share our knowledge, tips and advice with our customers. Tiles are installed, not only to be visually appealing, but also to perform a practical purpose. For this reason, we pay attention to the intended application of the tiles being considered to ensure they will be beautiful as well as functional and durable for years to come.