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Wall tiles are used to protect plaster work from heat, oil and moisture but can also act as a key design feature, adding colour, texture and movement to a space. M2 Tiles specialises in unique and luxurious wall tiles designed to make a statement and add individual style to any room.

Wall tiles are traditionally used on any walls that require additional sealing and protection including in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and in outdoor spaces such as around pools or barbecues. Given it is not easy to attach additional styling accessories to tiled walls, such as pictures, wall hangings or artworks, it is definitely worth paying that little bit more attention to your wall tile selections to ensure they create the look you’re after, all on their own.

M2 Tiles offers a hand-picked selection of the best wall tiles from around the world including mosaics, feature tiles, natural stone, marble, porcelain and hand-painted creations which are designed to appeal to discerning customers and enhance any space. With nearly 30 years servicing Perth’s architects, interior designers and home owners, we have helped people achieve luxurious, authentic and quality finishes in everything from traditional homes, period renovations and French Chateaus to industrial style new builds, Scandi getaways and Hamptons havens.

Wall tiles come in a myriad of sizes from the smallest penny-round mosaics up to large-format slabs of marble. When deciding on the configuration and pattern of your wall tile, it is imperative to consider the size of the wall being tiled. Encaustic tiles with large, bold patterns tend to work on larger expanses of wall whereas as smaller, feature tiles, such as mosaics, can be successfully incorporated into small spaces, such as bathroom niches.

At M2 Tiles, we offer personalised service so take the time to review your plans, understand your style goals and talk through the practical requirements of your space to ensure the wall tiles we recommend will meet your needs, both functionally and aesthetically. We source our premium quality wall tiles from the best suppliers around the world including from New Zealand, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We’re also constantly adding to our range so you can be assured, if you’re looking for beautiful and durable wall tiles, every time you visit our Perth showroom, you’ll find products to inspire your imagination.

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