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About us

M2 Tiles is a Perth based, boutique tiling shop offering a huge range of beautiful quality tiles from internationally renowned suppliers. Their collection includes a vast array of mosaic and feature tiles as well as natural stone products, concrete and timber-look tiles, subway tiles and decorative encaustic tiles.

M2 Tiles have enjoyed working with architects, interior designers and home owners for 30 years and are renowned for offering friendly and personalised service as well as highly competitive prices at their Perth tile shop. Having helped thousands of customers create stunning tile solutions over the years,

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Our location

  • 259 Stirling Highway, Claremont, WA 6010

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We take the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients extremely seriously. In the interests of safe working practises we have the implemented the following:

Working Remotely

To minimise the risk of our staff members contracting Covid19, should the need arise for our showroom to be closed,  are able to continue with processing orders and taking enquiries whilst working in isolation. We have systems in place that allow us to continue processing orders, providing quotations and responding to enquiries away from the office and to effectively communicate with each other and our clients. This will ensure that there is zero downtime and that the work we carry out for you, and services that we provide is not disrupted.

Continuity of Care

In the case of either of us contracting the virus, we shall be self-quarantining and seeking the correct medical advice and treatment. We are trained in each other’s roles and this will allow us to keep the high levels of service we provide at the same standards so that your marketing is not affected.

Risks Associated With Travel

None of our staff members has travelled overseas in the last 90 days. Any plans for future travel have been put on hold to ensure the risks of contracting the virus are minimised.

Social Distancing

We are practising safe social distancing and are not attending social events and gatherings that may put us at risk. We are following safe human contact procedures where practicable.

Hygiene Best Practises

We are following safe hygiene practises as suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Information on what these practises entail can be found on the WHO’s website at