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Officially, the term ‘encaustic’ tiles should only be used to describe patterned tiles which have been hand-made by combining two or more different coloured clays to form patterns and then fired. These days, however, most people use this term more loosely to include not only patterned clay tiles, but also patterned concrete tiles. Although still hand-made, these are different in that they are created by mixing different coloured mineral pigments into cement and pouring the cement into patterned moulds, which are then left to cure for around three weeks. Whether you’re a stickler for tradition or regard both clay and concrete patterned tiles as encaustic, at M2 Tiles, we love them both and have a huge range to choose from.

One of the wonderful qualities of encaustic tiles is that the amazing patterns run through most of the tile’s depth. In contrast to some more contemporary versions of patterned tiles, where the images are merely printed on the surface, encaustic tiles have a lush, tactile quality that cannot be matched by the printed varieties. Encaustic tiles are hand-made and each, individual tile can take up to 5 minutes to create, excluding drying and curing times.

Encaustic tiles have been used as a decorative artform since medieval times and have enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity recently. Depending on the size, patterns and colours selected, encaustic tiles can be used to complement traditional and timeless looks as well as contemporary and eclectic themes.

The key to making encaustic tiles really shine in a space is to ensure you select the right size and style of pattern for the area and don’t overdo them. Because they can be visually quite ‘busy’, most people choose not to tile an entire room using encaustic tiles but rather lay them on only the floor, for example, or selectively install them as a feature tile on a kitchen splash back. Having operated in the Perth encaustic tile market for 30 years, at M2 Tiles we’re happy to share our vast knowledge around these beautiful tiles and help you make the perfect selection for your space.

Originally a tiler himself, Peter can offer expert advice on the right size encaustic tiles to choose for your space and which styles and patterns will create the look you’re after. He can also help you choose the perfect unpatterned tiles to pair with your encaustic tile choice to ensure your end result is beautiful and harmonious.

M2 Tiles stocks Perth’s best variety of the highest quality, ceramic and cement encaustic tiles sourced from England and Europe. Visit our Claremont showroom where you can appreciate the true beauty of these products, which we regard more like individual little works of art than tiles.

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