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Nothing says luxury quite like marble. Marble tiles can be used across vast expanses of space to create an ambience of elegance and sophistication or used selectively, as feature tiles, to add natural elements of texture and movement.

Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colour options making them easy to incorporate into just about any interior scheme. Whilst traditional marble tiles are monochromatic, they still tend to have either warm or cool undertones so can be paired with either blacks, whites and greys or creams, beiges and browns. In addition to neutral tones, marble tiles now also come in a range of other colours including pinks, green and blues.

As well as variations in colour, marble tiles all have their own distinct patterns of veins and grains. Some are characterised by fairly uniform backgrounds with large, dramatic veins whereas as others have less striking veins with cloud or feather like patterns. Varieties of marble tiles include Carrara, Statuary and Calacatta (also sometimes called Calcutta).

With varieties ranging from soft and understated through to bold and striking, marble tiles have a timeless quality that makes them well suited to just about any style of home. From contemporary and minimalist spaces through to French country, Hamptons and Italianate, marble tiles have a unique quality that adds visual impact to any space.

At M2 Tiles, we have a huge range of marble tiles ranging from mosaics in many different shapes and sizes right through to large format slabs suitable for vanity tops. We source our marble tiles from reputable quarries in Spain and Italy and can help you select the perfect colour, tone and pattern for your application. Preferred suppliers for many Perth interior designers and architects, we are happy to provide full size samples of your marble tile selections for you take home and assess in situ.

If you’re considering marble tiles for your next project, contact M2 Tiles for expert advice, friendly service and the best range of beautiful quality marble in Perth.

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